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Re-Defined is a non-profit started in January 2022 with the goal of empowering people from marginalized communities, especially the BIPOC community and international students. The main ways in which we hope to empower the youth is via the provision of access to education, opportunities, and necessary resources. Our education comes in the form of workshops covering a wide range of topics.

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Through this work we have been able to impact around 20,000 people in the last 1.5 years across 4 countries: India (Pune, Mumbai, Delhi & Karnataka), Canada (Vancouver, Halifax, Waterloo & Toronto), and Uganda and Ghana. We have also conducted 25+ events in the last 6 months for more than 1000 students in Canada and India to further building of skills and confidence among the youth and thus, empowering them to become write-off their own story and get the access to role models that guide them to do so.

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Food Drive
Our most recent initiative involved us providing a meal to individuals from low economic background across all age group i.e., a kid to an old aged adult. This was conducted in Pune, India and allowed us to provide to 500 people a meal which included, Beans curry & rice.
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Social Impact fellowship Program
This is the first time we did it , whereby we selected a cohort of 25 students baked on their experience in this space and their passion for UN’s SDGs (Sustainable development goals) especially those of Climate Action & Quality Education and provide them with 2-3 days of information access via workshops, panel discussions & more and follow that up with a 2 month social project that students work on with each other leveraging cross-cultural insights as we have students from across the 4 countries. We facilitate this duration of 2 months of working with a mentorship program where each project is matched with a mentor who oversees its execution and guides the team.
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Menstrual Equity Drive
These are drives conducted in collaboration with members of a community or members belonging to a certain demographic or an organization where we hope to provide them with access to women’s basic necessities including menstrual pads/tampons.
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Networking events
We conducted a minimum of one networking event per month to facilitate building of relationship and community among international students and immigrants bt also take it further to help them not just build relationships but also teach them at these events on how they can leverage their connections to further build their brand and pursue opportunities they want.
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Be A Social Impact – Stand Up for Change

Re-Defined recently launched a fellowship programme where 25 students were provided with workshops, active discussions with speakers and information to build up their own 2-month social project with each other. This was in aim to cross cultural barriers we have as students and how change may be created within that area. These projects were based upon the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Climate Action & Quality Education. Each project had a mentor to oversee and guide the team.

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